About me

I am currently in my second semester at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in the Information and Communication Technologies Master's program while also a part of ROTC Army. When finished with my degree I will be actively involved with the United States Army that are related to my degree.


In May 2010, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Communication Technology with an emphasis in Information and Communication Technology. While going to school I have been working down at Ethostream for the past 4 years; a computer networking company.


When not dealing with work or school, I enjoy sports (playing/watching), working out, outdoors, hunting, , being with friends and family, travelling, and having fun with whatever I do.


This website obtains information about the University of Wisconsin-Stout Masters Information and Communication Technologies program. The pages within the site are related to courses taken, competencies, artifacts, related links, and my resume.

This is the hometown location